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AWS re:Invent 2017: Four Enterprise Optimization Sessions You Can’t Miss

By Andrew Nhem on November 2, 2017
We're excited about all of the enterprise-scale cost management and cloud efficiency sessions that will be at re:Invent 2017. Let's get you stoked, too.

With re:Invent 2017 within a month from now, the Cloudability team is getting excited about meeting cutting-edge cloud adopters and cloud-savvy business strategists and operators. For the folks going to the event, make a note to visit us at Booth #1410 to talk shop and get to know our cloud management experts.

Don’t forget to reserve seats at sessions! If you need a little help, here are a handful of enterprise-class sessions that we’re looking forward to seeing.

Four Enterprise-scale Sessions Not to Miss

There are hundreds of sessions on cloud cost management, optimization and migration that our teams are ready to educate and inspire. Here are a few that stand out to our teams.

HAC03 – Smart Cities Hackathon: Connect People to Their Environment Using Alexa and Voice

This Hackathon and workshop invites attendees to use Intel gear, AWS Alexa and data from the City of Las Vegas to explore problem solving for the cities of the future. Use artificial intelligence and voice tools to brainstorm and build new ideas with other attendees.

ENT203 – Building a Solid Business Case for Cloud Migration

This breakout session by AWS will explore the business case for a cloud migration. Our migration experts expect dialog around specific considerations any technology team should make with a migration. Look for talking points about forecasting costs, how to manage rates and reservations as well as a perspective on how workflows and infrastructure changes from data center to cloud.

ARC217 – Self-Service Analytics with AWS Big Data and Tableau

In this cloud architecture session, Tableau talks about how Expedia built a cloud data mart solution from the ground up. This kind of migration has to involve some pretty intricate planning to solve for cost and usage efficiency. Our Cloud Financial Office team will be curious about how Expedia forecasts for success in their migration efforts!

ABD319 – Tooling Up for Efficiency: DIY Solutions @ Netflix

Join team members from Netflix as they explore ways to improve cloud efficiency at scale. Our own cloud optimization experts will be curious as to what kind of data and metrics-driven approaches Netflix will discuss. Be sure to stop by after this session to talk shop with our folks at Booth #1410 — we’ll be curious about your perspective!

Bonus: Need Ideas on Other Sessions?

Cloudability will partner with HERE Technologies and Atlassian on a pair of enterprise cloud migration and optimization talks. There are still seats available for these enterprise sessions and we encourage you to check them out.

ENT208 – From Cloud Cost Management to Financial Agility: The Journey to Success

HERE Technologies will help us guide attendees through the journey to cloud financial agility. Get the best practice that hundreds of our customers adopt in order to achieve cloud financial efficiency while building a leaner infrastructure and a culture around optimization. It’s all about defining a new model of operational success, financial agility and predictability.

ENT319 – Achieving Your Cloud Efficiency Goals with Metric-Driven Cost Optimization

The science of saving at scale on the cloud is constantly changing and our experts will be at re:Invent to help keep you up to date on staying cloud efficient. Join us and Atlassian to discuss cost-avoidance and savings metrics to drive your optimization initiatives. Learn the key data points and techniques for making effective cloud resource rightsizing decisions and discuss how to maximize coverage and flexibility with ISF and convertible Reserved Instances. This session is all about the real stories and strategies behind cloud optimization at enterprise scale.

Attendees will receive a voucher for a free copy of our cloud migration and optimization book. Get more details on what we’re up to at our re:Invent hub. For those of you going to Vegas at the end of the month, we’ll see you soon!

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