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Your AWS re:Invent 2017 Explorer’s Guide

By Andrew Nhem on November 9, 2017
The campus is much larger this year as will be the fun and intensity of re:Invent 2017. Prepare yourselves for the journey ahead if you're heading to Vegas later this month.

There are less than 30 days til re:Invent 2017 kicks off, and we want to help prepare you for a successful and fun trip. This year’s event is bigger than ever before, and there will be 1,100 sessions to choose from across the re:Invent campus – which is also bigger than ever. The campus this year is HUGE – it extends over two miles and multiple buildings, which means you’ll always want to plan ahead and build in more travel time to your days.

Let’s go through some other best practices and things to plan for before takeoff.

Connect With Innovators in Your Field

Meeting with other people in your field to chat, make connections and exchange tips and best practices can truly be one of the best uses of your time at re:Invent. There’s no larger gathering of cloud innovators in the world! One good rule of thumb: with this year’s event stretching out over two miles (all of which will be packed end-to-end with attendees), it’s best to assume that folks will be running late to everything. So do yourself a favor and leave some extra buffer/travel time between each of your meetings.

A major rule of re:invent is A.B.C.: Always Be Charging

You’ll be on the phone all day and relying on it to stay connected and find your way around. Be sure to bring along a battery pack and extra charging cable to keep your power up so you don’t get lost in the crowds.

Another pro-tip if you haven’t booked flights yet: stay through Friday afternoon. The events start to wind down by then, which means there’s finally time you can get time with that person with whom you’ve been trying to connect all week. For bonus points, book your Friday meetings at the pool bar. You’ll be ready to get out of the building and see the (real) sky by Friday.

Fuel Up: Where to Eat and Drink

You’re entering a strange, new (and very dry!) environment. Be sure to drink lots of water and consider limiting drinks the first night or two. There will be lots of parties and events (and cocktails) as the week goes on, so it’s important to stay hydrated and pace yourself.

We built a comprehensive list of where to eat for all levels of enjoyment in last year’s guide.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a competitive eater? The Tatonka Challenge is your chance to find out, or at the very least have some fun and eat a ton of wings.

Of course, not everything has to be a contest. As stated above, chatting with colleagues and new friends is one of the most valuable parts of the conference. Do yourself a favor now, and book some restaurant reservations in advance: it’s real hard to find a spot for a nice dinner if you don’t prepare. (Note to editor: please don’t publish until I’ve booked mine!)

Explore Your Surroundings: Where to Go for Fun

Hit the week running by doing the 4K Run, or stay active on Wednesday by hitting one of the Cycle Nation Spinning Challenge sessions.

Of course the re:Play party on Thursday night is the ultimate party of re:Invent, and is not to be missed if you’re into EDM and crazy amounts of food. Has anybody heard rumors about who might be the headliner this year? Some of the editorial staff have one idea, but I’d love to hear yours.

Also not to be missed is the Pub Crawl on Wednesday evening. We’ll be holding down the fort at the Public House with our flagship t2.microbrew event: Pub Crawl style. Stop by and see us to say hello and raise a glass of ale.

Enter New Worlds (of Knowledge)

There will be so many great learning opportunities over the five days of re:Invent 2017. For a complete list of sessions available, review the session catalog. We’ve curated a list of big enterprise and brand talks to not miss for starters as well.

This year we’ve put together two sessions that we’re very excited to share. Be sure to sign up for our talks that will walk you through how two of our customers, HERE Technologies and Atlassian, innovate and win on AWS.

ENT208 – From Cloud Cost Management to Financial Agility: The Journey to Success

Cloud is the new normal – it continues to deliver amazing new technologies and drive us to innovate our operational models. Cloud also gives us new capabilities to see the tremendous financial impact to our businesses. As you journey into the cloud, your teams will need to wield the cloud power responsibly. They will need more visibility into the financial impact of their resource usage in order to make the best decisions for today and for the longer term. Join Cloudability and HERE Technologies as we guide you through the journey to financial agility on the cloud as we have seen it play it out in hundreds of customers. You’ll walk away with the steps you need to take and the mindset your teams will need to adopt in order to achieve financial agility.

Topics include:

ENT319 – Achieving Your Cloud Efficiency Goals with Metric-Driven Cost Optimization

The science of saving on AWS has undergone some major revolutions in the past year. New services, Reserved Instance options, increased flexibility and discount programs have all created 100’s of new opportunities to optimize your usage and spending. We’ve also seen a significant uplift in operational maturity that is increasing the overall savings to be had while limiting operational risk. The most mature organizations are now using a particular set of metrics to drive their cost optimization activities as part of a repeatable feedback loop. Join Cloudability’s J.R. Storment and Atlassian’s Mike Fuller as they walk you through this changing landscape and how it impacts the decisions your team makes every day.

Topics include:

Be sure to register for our talks, and we’ll see you there!

Stay safe and have a good time

It takes a great deal of planning and resources to bring yourself or your entire team to re:Invent. By all means, have a memorable time, but we definitely recommend everyone to be respectful to other attendees, vendors, and the AWS staff that puts this amazing show on each year.

Please visit us at our booth!

This year, we’ll be at booth #1410. Stop on by to meet the team, talk about all things cloud spend management and cloud optimization, and of course, score a comfy t-shirt. Stay synced with us at our re:Invent 2017 hub as well. We can’t wait to see everyone this year.

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