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AWS Elastic Load Balancers are now taggable

By Graham Murphy on August 12, 2014

AWS Elastic Load Balancers are now taggableAmazon has announced that you can now tag your AWS Elastic Load Balancer costs—knocking one more resource off of the increasingly short list of untaggable AWS resources.

AWS Elastic Load Balancers make it easy to create rock solid, scalable cloud infrastructure, as evidenced by their wide usage among AWS customers. Now that these users can tag their ELBs, they can track the exact costs generated by their ELB usage, and use Cloudability to nail down the sources of their AWS spending with even more precision than ever.

See where your newly tagged AWS Elastic Load Balancer spending falls by department, business unit, environment, and more by generating a Cloudability Cost Allocation Report today.

Read the full announcement on the AWS blog.

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