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August in review: Strategies and deep-dives

By Leah Weitz on August 27, 2015

It’s hard to believe it’s almost September! Time flies when you’re managing cloud costs.

Check out what’s new this month from Cloudy HQ.

What’s new?

It’s been a quiet month for the product, with all engineering teams heads down as we fire up our engines for re:Invent 2015. But watch the skies—we’ve got big things blasting off soon!

Blog highlights: Cost cutting strategies and DBR deep-dives

For this month’s blog posts, we focused on optimizing costs for different AWS services. Take a gander at these posts if you missed them:

Strategies for cutting storage costs with AWS S3: S3 is a key component of many AWS infrastructures. But without best practices in place, its use can drive some hefty costs.

Five things you can do in the next hour to trim some fat off your AWS bill: AWS cost management is a complex, ongoing process. Fortunately, there are a few tricks to trimming your bill that can be done pretty quickly and easily.

AWS data transfer costs: What they are and how to minimize them: Data transfer costs can be a big headache for even the most advanced users. However, they can be reigned in.

We also did a deep-dive into the AWS Detailed Billing Report with a video called What’s an “Injected Line Item?” to explore how AWS keeps track of Reserved Instance coverage and waste.

What else is new?

We made a very exciting announcement this month! Check out post about our RipFog acquisition to read about the newest members of the Cloudability family. And the hiring frenzy isn’t over yet—we’ve still got openings. Take a peek at our jobs page to see our openings in Engineering, Marketing, Sales, and more.

With that, on to September! We’ve got some exciting things coming next month—be the first to hear about feature updates, new blog posts, job openings and more by subscribing to the Cloudability newsletter.

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