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Announcing Multi-User Support for Cloudability

By Toban Zolman on July 16, 2013

Log in to your Cloudability Pro or Enterprise account or start a free 14-day trial and set up users for your organization.

The days of sharing Cloudability logins are done. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce multi-user support—one of our most requested features.

Multi-user support permits any Cloudability account to be accessed by as many users as your company needs, providing an exceptionally smooth process for getting the right cost and usage data into the hands of the right users.

With our new multi-user support, Cloudability users get:

Unlimited Users: There’s no limit to the number of users you can create for a single Cloudability account.

Security Roles: Specify whether or not individual users can edit your accounts and credentials.

Easy Email Invitations: Just enter the email addresses of the users you’d like to invite to your account, and Cloudability will take care of the rest.

In addition to these new features, multi-user support can be used in conjunction with existing features for even more sophisticated organizational strategies:

Set your own email and dashboard preferences

Email report frequency: Some folks, such as those in Ops or IT, need to know their spending and usage on a daily basis. However, Finance or Management may only need that information once a week. Now email reports can be customized per individual user preferences, so that everyone gets the information they need as often as they need it.

Rolling average preferences: Someone in charge of purchasing instances will need to see frequent changes in their spending using a three- or seven-day rolling average, where others, such as CEOs or finance teams, may be more interested in broader trends with a 30-day average. With the introduction of multi-user, each user can choose the rolling average to meet their needs.

Non-recurring cost preferences: Non-recurring costs, like Reserved Instance purchases or support payments, may be of interest to your finance team, but not to the folks interested in day-to-day operations — now, each individual user can choose whether to include up-front costs in their reports or not.

Specify which cloud accounts each user sees

Group accounts and create views: When your company uses a lot of accounts, you need the ability to segment and limit the accounts that each user sees. Now, Cloudability lets you do that by grouping accounts together and creating filtered “views,” based on cost centers like product, client, division, project, etc.

Default user views: Assign specific views to individual users so that they see only their cloud costs and not the company-wide costs.

Monitor the spending relevant to you with user-specific budget alerts

Cloudability’s predictive budgets, one of our most popular features, lets users know when they’re predicted to cross a set budget amount for the month. Now, each user can set their own personal budgets for accounts. The budget is only applied for that user, and only sends alerts to that user.

Cut down the clutter with individual custom reports

Users can now make custom reports specific to their login, so that each user sees only what’s most important to them.

Now that each user can make and manage custom reports on their own private account, accounts aren’t crowded with the custom reports of multiple users.

How to get started with multi-user

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 11.03.34 PMAdding new users to your Cloudability Pro or Enterprise account is easy:

1) Log in to your Cloudability account and go to Manage > Users in the navigation at the top of the page.

2) Click “Invite Member” at the top of the page.

3) Fill in the new user’s email address, user role and, if you have an Enterprise Account, default view. Then click “Invite”.

The new user will get a notification at the email address you’ve provided with instructions for activating their login.

Try Cloudability’s new multi-user support today

Cloudability’s new multi-user support brings a whole new level of visibility and management to your company’s cloud spending. Log into your Cloudability Pro or Enterprise account and start inviting your own users.

Don’t have Cloudability Pro or Enterprise? Sign up for a free 14-day trial today and see how easy cloud cost management can be.

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