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Announcing Microsoft Azure Enterprise Cost Management Beta

By Toban Zolman on July 8, 2015
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For years, we’ve been helping the biggest AWS users in the world manage their cloud costs. But for many businesses, AWS is just part of the puzzle—and ensuring comprehensive cost efficiency means accounting for all of the pieces.

We are so thrilled to announce a more comprehensive tool for cross-cloud cost monitoring, optimization, and governance. Today, we’re releasing beta support of Microsoft Azure.

Drill into your Azure spending

Now you can drill into your daily Azure costs directly within Cloudability, in any way that you need to visualize them. Whether you want to report on your spending using Cost Analytics or visualize cost metrics on your Dashboard with custom widgets, simply use the same Cloudability tools that you’re already familiar with.

AWS vs Azure Cloudability widget

Your precise spending data will be pulled directly from Azure’s Enterprise Billing API, which has been fully integrated into our Cost Analytics feature to enable visibility into your actual invoiced cost.

We’ve focused this release on providing visibility into your actual invoice data. We’re planning a future integration with Azure’s usage API to provide usage metrics and estimated costs as well—but all the resources you need to precisely measure your spending, achieve accurate chargeback, and allocate your costs between business units, cost centers, and more are available today.

Allocate your costs by subscription or tag

Split up your Azure spending by subscription or tag to allocate your costs by the metrics that are meaningful to you and your team.

Azure report with tags

View costs across multiple cloud providers

The days of managing your cloud costs separately are over. View your Azure costs and AWS costs side-by-side to visualize comprehensive cost and to compare cross-cloud spending trends.

AWS vs Azure Cloudability widget

You can even include Azure subscriptions and AWS accounts in the same Cloudability Account Group. Use these Account Groups to restrict users’ views to specific areas of spending, to group costs based business unit or cost center, and to enable additional levels of tagging at the subscription level.

Cloudability account group

Who can use this beta?

Azure compatibility is available to all Cloudability users.We can pull spending data from any Azure Enterprise account; simply contact Cloudability Support to have beta access enabled, then enter your Azure Enterprise Enrollment ID and API Access Key on the Credentials page to get started.

Azure credentials

Start managing your Azure costs today

Whether you’re an AWS user, an Azure user, or use some of both, managing your costs is key to using your resources effectively. Log in or sign up to start managing your cloud costs today.

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