Cloudability Enters General Availability for Continuous IT Improvement

Today, Cloudability enters General Availability powered by instance-level analytics and the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen.

You’ve probably never heard of Kaizen. That’s ok, you’re not alone.

Kaizen literally means “Good Change.” It’s a continuous improvement philosophy that Toyota (and other manufacturing greats) have used to motivate people to constantly improve their output. Kaizen is a daily process that encourages everyone in the organization—from CEO to factory worker—to make small changes that add up to a massive net benefit over time.

More than just increasing productivity, Kaizen is about empowering people to use their domain knowledge to perform experiments on their work and identify inefficiencies. It’s a way to improve the bottom line—and morale—by enabling each person to cut the cruft out of their own workflow.

The Cloud is enabling Kaizen to be applied to IT for the first time. DevOps driven deployments, unlimited scalability options, fine-grained feedback over inputs and outputs, choice of vendors and services, all of these put the power of Kaizen into the reach of—you guessed it—everyone from the engineer to the CEO. Kaizen is the epitome of “lean”; it leverages continuous experimentation and improvement to pivot toward massive gains over time.

We call this Continuous IT Improvement.

The Three Phases of Continuous IT Improvement

1) During the last year, our public beta platform has focused on the first part of Continuous IT Improvement: self-reflection of processes, or feedback. We’ve given our 4,000+ customers the ability to see what they are spending on the cloud each day and eliminate surprises. It’s worked well, with companies like Pegasystems reporting that their spending dropped 20% the first month and Adobe saying that Cloudability encourages good behavior by engineers.

2) Today we begin enabling part two of Continuous IT Improvement: the identification of suboptimal processes, or efficiency. We’re excited to announce instance-level cloud analytics that let you build and share custom reports revealing exactly what is happening in your infrastructure from CPU utilization to bandwidth to Disk I/O so that everyone in your org can surface inefficiencies.

3) What next? These two pieces combined enable you—our fearless cloud wrangler—to execute on the third piece of Continuous IT Improvement: incremental and continual steps of improvement, or Evolution. Empower each of the stakeholders in your organization with one of our daily emails, give them the ability to dive into deep usage analytics to find their own inefficiencies, and encourage everyone to constantly ask how they can do more with less.

Cloudability is proud to be launching our General Availability today and to be staking a claim in the movement to put IT into the hands of the people on the ground and enabling everyone in the organization to continuously improve the way they operate.

We realize that Cloud is a buzz word, and may eventually go the way of the World Wide Web. In five years, Cloud will simply be synonymous with IT. But IT will have changed.

We believe it will be “Good Change” powered by Continuous IT Improvement and tools like Cloudability.