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Your 2015 cloud cost resolutions

By Leah Weitz on January 6, 2015

Yeah, yeah—you’re gonna hit the gym and stop smoking. But when you plan your resolutions for 2015, don’t forget about your company’s cloud spending!

From monitoring your costs to optimizing your usage, here are some cloud cost resolutions that we recommend for ensuring efficient cloud spending in 2015:

Stop overages before they happen

That instance cost how much?! This year, resolve to know how much you’re spending as you spend it—not after the fact. One easy place to start is by setting per-account budget alerts, so that each spender can be alerted when they’re at risk of overshooting their budget and react accordingly.

Track your costs back to their source

If you don’t know where your costs are coming from, you can’t tell if those dollars are being spent wisely. Resolve to tag every resource according to how it’s being used, and you’ll be able to allocate all of your 2015 spending by department, environment, and more in a Cloudability report.

Don’t pay for anything you’re not using

Certain aspects of your infrastructure need to be running 24/7—but plenty don’t. From unearthing long-forgotten instances to scheduling downtime for those that are only needed during certain hours of the day, there’s plenty to be done to ensure that you don’t spend any more money on your instances than you need to. Unsure where to start? Try scheduling downtime for your dev/test instances.

Maximize your Reserved Instance usage

AWS Reserved Instances are a powerful savings tool. Whether you use them extensively or not at all, resolve to increase your RI usage next year until 95% of your instances are covered by a reservation. You can do so by building a reservation-friendly architecture, reacting to changing needs with frequent purchases, and using modifications liberally to keep your reservations aligned with your instances. You can get started building your strategy with our talk from re:Invent, Iterating Your Way to 95% Reserved Instance Usage.

Always deliver spending reports on time

There are lots of people at your business who depend on AWS spending data to do their jobs. Get them the information they need by generating reports on the relevant metrics, then scheduling the reports for daily, weekly, or monthly email delivery depending on their needs. If stakeholders want to dive into the data and explore it themselves, set up Cloudability access for them filtered down to the relevant tags and accounts.

You might not kick your snack addiction this year, but these cloud cost management goals are resolutions you can stick to. Log in or sign up for a free 14-day trial of Cloudability Pro to start your 2015 off right today.

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