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Introducing new Cloudability tools for enterprise management

Today, we’re launching new features designed specifically for enterprise needs—to provide self-service, customized access to relevant cost and usage data directly to decision-makers across your organization. In our time spent working with enterprise and Fortune 1000 companies, we’ve come to realize something about managing the cloud costs of a large company: as cloud usage grows,…

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Data transfer
Amazon Web Services has announced the reduction of rates for several types of AWS data transfer, effective immediately for all users. Outbound Data Transfer costs are being lowered 6%-43% depending on Region and data volume. The costs of Data Transfer from CloudFront are being lowered 4% to 29% depending on the edge location and usage… Read more
Cloud cost revelations of 2014
From groundbreaking new products to explosive adoption rates, it’s been a spectacular year for the cloud. And as cloud technology continues to gather more attention from consumers, media, and competitors, it’s more important than ever that everyone who would use this technology have access to the education and strategies they need for doing so with power… Read more
Press post
Amazon Web Services tossed out “light” and “medium” virtual server choices among its Reserved Instances Tuesday, leaving the more powerful “heavy” RI server. With the move, AWS stripped away much of the complexity around its RIs, and enabled the heavy RI server to be configured in several ways, said J.R. Storment, chief customer officer, and… Read more
Amazon Web Services is providing more payment options for its cloud-based virtual machines, allowing users to lock in a price and pay either entirely upfront, or throughout the life of a one- or three-year contract. For customers who plan to use the resources for a longer period of time, AWS offers Reserved Instances (RI) that… Read more