AWS re:Invent as it happened: Photos, interviews and analysis from Las Vegas

Screen shot 2013-12-23 at 1.43.22 PMITProPortal was at the Amazon Web Services re:Invent 2013 conference from the 12-15 November, in theVenetian Hotel on the Las Vegas strip. We brought you live minute-by-minute coverage as events unfolded.

For more, check out our full breakdown of the AWS re:Invent conference, as we look back on four days of releases, surprises and keynotes that we won’t forget in a hurry.

Over just a few days, tech experts flooded in from all corners of the globe to gain a deeper knowledge of AWS services and learn technical best practices that Amazon claimed can’t be found anywhere else. The web giant promised to help attendees discover application architecture and development tips for the web, mobile, gaming, big data, HPC and enterprise IT.

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Who in your company needs a Cloudability account?

In a world where lots of people in an organization can spin up AWS resources and there are multiple stakeholders working to manage fluid cloud-based budgets, Cloudability provides a common lexicon for cloud spending.  To ensure that your AWS spending data is available to everyone at your company who needs it, make sure to give Cloudability access to the following folks.

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Four key steps to accurate AWS Reserved Instance purchases

Nothing can save you money on your cloud costs like using Reserved Instances; they require no technical optimization effort, no dev ops wizardry, and no auto-scaling infrastructure. Just write a check, and you can save 60% — as long as you’re buying the right RIs at the right time.

Throughout our Reserved Instances series, you’ve learned all you need to know to purchase Reserved Instances confidently and competently. Now that you’re ready to launch into your cost-optimized future using RIs, take one final look at these four key tips for using RIs as effectively as possible:

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Three common mistakes when purchasing AWS Reserved Instances

“Using Reserved Instances can save you money.” It’s a phrase oft repeated— but is it always true? Using AWS Reserved Instances is certainly meant to save you money. However, as with any cost saving strategy, it has a learning curve. In order to make the most of your RIs, be sure to avoid these three potential pitfalls when purchasing AWS Reserved Instances:

Mistake #1: Excluding Light & Medium Instances

Many businesses over-simplify Reservation purchasing by limiting themselves to Heavy Reservations. They do this because the Reservation needs for large infrastructure can be difficult to calculate.

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Choosing Light, Medium and Heavy AWS Reserved Instances

Using Reserved Instances is undoubtedly one of the best ways to save money on cloud costs, and a primary feature of RIs that makes this possible is the variety of RI types available to purchase. The different options for types of RI purchases allow you to mix and match RIs perfectly for the best cost savings—but what are the different Reserved Instance types, and when should each be used?

Reserved Instance types: The basics

There are three basic Reserved Instance types: Light, Medium, and Heavy. The difference between these reservation types comes down to how much you pay upfront for the reservation, and how much you pay by the hour. Generally speaking, Light reservations tend towards lower upfront payments, Heavy reservations tend towards lower hourly payments, and Medium reservations rest somewhere in between.

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