NEW! Track Your Softlayer Spending With Cloudability

Track your Softlayer cloud costs with CloudabilitySoftlayer users rejoice! Your *aaS is officially covered.

Cloudability can now track your Softlayer spending along with all of your other IaaS, PaaS and SaaS accounts.

Get daily emails showing what you’ve spent so far this month as well as an estimate of what you will spend by the end of the month. Set up custom alerts and we’ll let you know if your Softlayer spending is going to go over budget. In other words, sleep a little better knowing that we’re keeping an eye on your spending.

To start tracking your Softlayer accounts, simply sign up for a free Cloudability account (if you don’t already have one) and add your Softlayer account credentials using our simple account wizard.

Not sure why you’d need a Cloudability account? Check out our video interview with Softlayer’s Kevin Hazard.

Want to learn about Cloudability’s other features? Check out our Features page¬†and watch the 90-second video tour.

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