We’ve been covering Cloudability for a while, since back in November 2011 when we introduced the company to our readers. Since then, the company has enjoyed good coverage, some healthy funding and progress with their product. Cloudability’s platform aggregates customers’ cloud costs into accessible and comprehensive reports to help manage spending, reduce waste, and identify opportunities…

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What would you get if you took Gilligan’s Island, replaced all the characters with smart, successful business and tech pros, and then set it all in Silicon Valley? It may or may not be anything like InformationWeek Valley View! Don’t miss our own CEO, Mat Ellis along with folks from Neurosky and Spigit on May 23rd 4… Read more
I woke up this morning to some news and a flood of questions. The news said that Amazon had launched their budget alerts for cloud management, and most of the questions were coming from people who simply wanted to know: “how is this different from Cloudability’s budget alerts feature?” To start with, I have to say how great it… Read more
Most companies use at least 4 different cloud services, according to a study by Cloudability, proof that the cloud has become a ubiquitous tool, whether chief information officers want it to be or not. Cloudability (a provider of cost-management tools for cloud services) looked at data from its 3,200 customers in 80 different countries to gather… Read more