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AWS Summit Sydney 2015

Despite the storm of the century, Sydneysiders flocked to the AWS Summit last week. The event was held in the cavernous Hordern Pavilion on a 4-sided stage configured in the way you might expect to see a boxing match. The keynote opened with a loud, electronic music-fueled video touting AWS’s growth in the Asia Pacific…

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AWS Summit London 2015
We’ve just wrapped up the AWS Summit that took place here in London earlier this week. While there were no new service announcements (unlike at the San Francisco summit), Amazon CTO Werner Vogels made some very interesting points in his keynote that I think are worth taking a closer look at. Power Plays Werner made the point that AWS sees… Read more
This week Amazon Web Services kicked off its annual series of “Summit” conferences in San Francisco. The Summits, which are held all over the world, are a chance for the AWS user community to come together and learn about the latest and greatest technologies and announcements made by the public cloud provider and its partners. The San Francisco Summit… Read more
AWS Summit Season
…And you know what that means! We’re headed to San Francisco, London, Sydney, and New York this Summit season to meet with AWS users around the globe. We’ve got a lot planned for each Summit—and we want you to join us for all we have in store! Here’s what we’ve got planned for the month of April:… Read more