Cloudability goes to TEDx Portland

Working at Cloudability isn’t just about building a groundbreaking cost allocation tool. It’s about impacting the world. Fortunately, we’re located in a community with ambition to match our own: Portland, OR. In that spirit, Cloudability partnered with TEDx  to offer employees free tickets to Saturday’s TEDx Portland event. As someone who had never attended a TED event before, I jumped at the opportunity, and had an amazing time.

TEDx Portland

Former gang member Isaiah Holt was one of the many moving speakers at Saturday’s TEDx Portland.

The event provided a venue for a wide range of independent speakers to open up and share their life experiences, advice, and dreams. Many of their stories really touched my heart; they were inspirational, down to earth, and entertaining. Some of my favorite speakers at this event were Nong (proprietress of Nong’s Khao Man Gai) ) Aaron Draplin (Maker at Draplin Design Co.), Frank Moore, (91-year old fly fishing expert)  Jackson Gariety (a publicly-traded-teenager) Lisa Sedlar (founder of Green Zebra Grocery) Zach King (film maker), and Isaiah Holt (former gang member).

I appreciated the speakers’ frank honesty in sharing the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of their journeys. Throughout the day I saw audience members quietly shedding tears as they listened to the stories— and was deeply moved and inspired myself.

It’s beyond cool to work in a city where events like this take place— and where employers encourage their staff to engage with the community and experience all that Portland has to offer. I’m looking forward to next year’s TEDx Portland— and to all of the events in between that my coworkers and I will attend together, from happy hours to 5K runs. Want to join us? We’d love to have you.


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Cloudability joins AWS Activate

Screen shot 2014-04-09 at 2.11.50 PM

We are thrilled to announce the latest step in our journey: a partnership with Amazon Web Services through their AWS Activate program.

At Cloudability, we have had a deep love and respect for the startup community since our humble beginnings. Along the road from our original team of three to now nearly 30 employees, we’ve worked with startup incubators, venture funds, and trusted advisors and mentors. In particular, startup programs such as the Portland Incubator Experiment, 500startups, and Techstars have been integral to our growth as a company— and the credits from those programs were instrumental in getting our infrastructure up and running.

Now that we are nearing our third birthday, we are thrilled to expand our role within the startup community through AWS Activate.

AWS Activate helps companies to grow just as we have grown, by providing startups with the resources needed to get started on AWS. As a trusted partner of AWS, we’re excited to be offering extended trials to companies that are admitted through their Activate program. With access to Cloudability Pro, startups can be comfortable knowing they have visibility into their usage while maintaining focus on all the things that are integral to growing as a business.

If you’ve been admitted to their Self-Starter program or are included in one of the Portfolio programs, speak with your Solutions Architect about activating your trial today. We’re looking forward to helping you go up and to the right!

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Cloudability Co-Founder Mat Ellis on Failing Big

Oregon Entrepreneurs NetworkBeing an entrepreneur, by definition, means foregoing the comforts that come with a salaried job and venturing out into the unknown. On the one hand, it’s empowering. On the other hand, it’s terrifying.

Entrepreneurs all expect to learn some lessons the hard way, but what if your worst fear actually comes to pass? What if you not only fail, but fail big?

Few would guess that Mat Ellis, CEO and co-founder of Cloudability, has a big failure under his belt. From all outside appearances, the company is an overnight success story. It was named one of the most promising cloud companies of 2011, the same year it was founded, and two years later, Mat won OEN’s 2013 Tom Holce Individual Achievement Award. Now set to double its workforce in 2014, Cloudability has been nominated for TAO’s Tech Company of the Year.

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The Cloudcast #134 – The Real Costs of Cloud Computing

Screen shot 2014-03-21 at 1.36.18 PMAaron and Brian talk with Mat Ellis (@matellis), CEO/Founder of Cloudability (@cloudability) about the trends with AWS vs. GCE vs Azure and vCHS. They explore how cloud buyers are getting more intelligent and the types of industries that are now using the public cloud. They also explore some aspects of public cloud that aren’t frequently discussed in the media.

Listen to the full podcast at The Cloud Cast

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Cover Your SaaS: Cloudability Founder, Mat Ellis, Talks Webinars, Technology, and How the Cloud Can Improve Your Business

Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 2.35.27 PMAs management and IT departments look towards the future, the cloud is quickly becoming the topic of conversation when it comes to network implementation and what is the most efficient system to use. More and more businesses are moving to the cloud each day, not only for more protection but for cost savings and process improvement as well. Start-ups don’t even think about network servers anymore. Such tools are a thing of the past.

Yet many businesses are still tied to the ways of old, unaware of the benefits that come from utilizing the cloud to store your data. Recently Onward had the opportunity to sit down with Mat Ellis, founder of Cloudability, to talk about webinars, technology and how the cloud can improve your business.

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